EDF chlorine/bromine analyzers

Pi’s mounted CRIUS® HaloSense chlorine/bromine analyzers as used by EDF Energy

EDF Energy has been conducting a year long trial of Pi’s chlorine/bromine HaloSense analyzers for monitoring of their seawater chlorination levels at Heysham Nuclear Power Station.

The Challenge

The application has had many challenges including very low levels of oxidant and high levels of sand and silt particles within the cooling water but Pi’s chlorine/bromine analyzer (CRIUS® HaloSense) has withstood all these challenges and continues to exceed all expectations.

The on board data logging feature with removable MicroSD card has been particularly useful for Heysham Nuclear Power Station, allowing easy access to data without the need for special software or hard-wired connections.

ESF Energy Choose Pi Water Analyzers

EDF Energy (Heysham) have now placed an order for more systems to spread across their site to give them an even greater understanding of their water quality through the whole cooling system.

EDF Energy (Heysham) made a special request for their chlorine/bromine monitoring systems to be mounted on moveable frames to allow them to monitor different parts of their process. The custom build nature of Pi’s business means that we were easily able to accommodate their request and their chlorine/bromine monitoring instruments were built to their exact specification in just a few weeks.

Pi has vast experience in monitoring halogen levels (e.g. chlorine and bromine) in seawater and is fully aware of the interesting chemistry involved, chemistry which too often leads to the incorrect instrumentation being bought or installed.

If you would like to know more about the chemistry of seawater chlorination, please read our technical note by clicking here. Alternatively, visit our website or if you would like to discuss an application or piece of instrumentation, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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