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Pi’s Charge Analyzer is used for determining charge demand at the wet end of a paper machine, accurately measuring colloidal and ionic charge using the streaming current principle (electrokinetic charge), which is comparable to zeta potential. Charge demand is determined with polyelectrolyte titration to the isoelectric point, either manually or by use of an automatic titrator.

Pi’s ChargeSense Charge Analyzer is intuitive, flexible and gives great repeatable charge demand determinations time after time.

Using a larger sample than its competitors ChargeSense gives extremely precise and reproducible results.

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What is the ChargeSense Charge Analyzer?

The ChargeSense is an essential tool for papermaking, allowing fast determination of the wet end charge demand.

Pi’s ChargeSense Charge Analyzer measures the streaming current produced by colloidal/dissolved species in a sample taken from various points on the wet end of the papermaking process and allows for an automatic titration with built in titration pumps and routines. The charge demand result is then expressed as either microequivalents per liter (μeq/L) or parts per million (ppm).

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