Spas & Swimming Pools

Spas and Swimming Pools

What makes the best pool controller? Choosing a pool controller is one of the most important things a pool operator can do. Things to look for include;

  • Measure the chlorine in your pool, independent from pH levels
  • Measure the pH accurately and reliably
  • Control both the pH and the chlorine under variable bather load
  • Compliance reports to demonstrate water quality
  • Remote access for timely remote support
  • Additional options to add value such as combined chlorine outputs and variable frequency drive control
  • Additional optional sensors such as ORP (Redox) conductivity, particle counts, and turbidity
In the past, pools in North America have been controlled using ORP sensors which measure the activity of all oxidants in the water rather than the amount of chlorine present. The CRIUS®4.0 AquaSense from Pi is a new breed of controller that have swept across the world improving bather experience by improving bathing waters.
Suitable for any type of pools and spas from outdoor pools to saltwater pools, Pi controllers will guarantee your chlorine and pH levels remain stable and in control whilst improving safety and reducing power consumption.
Many customers worldwide trust Pi’s high-quality sensors and controllers to manage their pool or spa safely. 
Contact Pi now for advice and more information on how we might be able to help keep your pool or spa safe, clear and odor free.



Installing an AquaSense will mean that all aspects of your chemical dosing improves. In turn meaning that you dose the correct amount of chemical thereby reducing usage, cost, odors and complaints.

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