Quality Policy

Process Instruments (UK) Ltd and its subsidiary companies, Process Instruments (IRL) Ltd and SAS Process Instruments are committed to supplying innovative, reliable and high-quality products and services.

The Company is committed to complying with client requirements by;

  • supplying products that have been rigorously tested
  • providing a high level of service
  • adopting a partnership approach running through from specification to installation and commissioning
  • specifying systems that are best suited to purpose
  • incorporating sophisticated control and communications.
  • offering warranties on our product range
  • making the policy available to interested parties via the company website.

The Management will maintain the quality of operations and seek to continually improve and develop the effectiveness of our quality processes management by;

  • ensuring that adequate resources are made available, and that staff are suitably trained in order that they may carry out their tasks in a competent and efficient manner.
  • operating effective management systems including managing the quality of operations in accordance with ISO 9001
  • setting objectives for the quality of our operations
  • reviewing our process to judge effectiveness against those objectives
  • valuing, recognising, and encouraging high quality work by individual employees
  • identifying and complying with all relevant legislation

Signed by: Mike Riding (Managing Director)

Date: 5th October 2022

Review Date: October 2023

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