LabSense 1 Laboratory Charge Analyzer

LabSense 1 Laboratory Charge Analyzer

Used to determine optimal coagulant dose on a water treatment plant Pi’s range of Laboratory Charge Analyzers accurately measure colloidal and ionic charge using the streaming current principle (electrokinetic charge), which is comparable to zeta potential. Charge demand is determined with titration to the isoelectric point using the plant coagulant, either manually or by use of an automatic titrator.

In addition, the LabSense can help (in conjunction with jar testing) to determine the optimum alkali addition in soft water applications.

Pi’s LabSense Laboratory Charge Analyzers are intuitive, flexible and give great repeatable charge demand determinations time after time.

LabSense is an essential coagulation optimization tool for water treatment. LabSense allows the user to determine the ideal coagulant dosage needed to achieve optimum NTU and TOC reduction in typically less than 5 minutes, earning it the description “5 minute jar tester”.

The measurement cell consists of a reciprocating piston in a probe assembly. Particles and dissolved materials are attracted to the surfaces of the probe by Van Der Waals forces. Counter ions surround these particles. The motion of the piston generates shear forces, which causes the counter ions to migrate. Electrodes in the probe measure the flow of counter ions, inherently defined as an electrical current. The current is electronically processed and displayed on the screen as the Streaming Current Value (SCV). For most samples in a paper mill, the SCV will be negative, indicating a net anionically charged sample.

The process of finding the optimum dosage simply involves feeding in a measured volume of coagulant into the raw water sample until the reading indicates complete charge neutralization has been obtained.

Multiple Sample Sizes

Accommodates multiple sample volumes

Standard Features

  • LabTrac –accompanying software for extracting and analyzing titration data
  • Sample volume range of 200-2000 ml for greatest accuracy
  • Sensitivity adjustment for highly conductive samples
  • Measures charge and charge demand
  • Sturdy housing for easy mobility, quick set-up, and bench-top stability
  • Low maintenance, improved reliability
  • Detachable probe and piston to facilitate cleaning and prevent corrosion
  • Gain control to amplify low level signals
  • Zero offset to customise data sets
  • Clear display
  • Adjustable stand

Adjustable stand

Adjustable stand

In addition to the features listed above, the LabSense Laboratory Charge Analyzers have the following additional features.

  • Built-in titrator for coagulant (dilute only) (LabSense 2 and 3)
  • Built-in titrator for pH (base or acid) (LabSense 3)
  • pH measurement (LabSense 3)
  • Temperature measurement (LabSense 3)

  • Coagulant dose determination in water treatment plants

Titration Results

Titration Results

Titration of the coagulant can be performed manually on the LabSense 1, or with the touch of a button using the auto-titration features that come as standard on LabSense 2 and LabSense 3. The automatic titration feature further simplifies the testing process and helps ensure the most accurate and reproducible results possible.

SCV with pH

SCV with pH

Some pH adjustment may be required to achieve accurate test results. An option for pH measurement allows the user to also quickly determine the dosage rate of additives like lime or caustic when needed to raise the coagulation pH of low alkalinity waters. pH measurement is included on LabSense 3, and is available as an option for LabSense 1 and LabSense 2.

Document Type Size
LabSense Brochure 577kB
LabSense Application Questionnaire Technical Note 507kB
Laboratory Based and Portable Analyzers Technical Note 652kB

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Process Instruments (Pi) is known for making the best online Water Quality Analyzers on the market. However, did you know…

… that Pi also supplies stand alone laboratory based analyzers for determining coagulant dose in 5 minutes?
… that Pi also manufactures and supplies portable versions of some of their online water analyzers?

This Focus On will highlight some of the features of Pi’s LabSense and ChargeSense Laboratory Charge Analyzers and Pi’s UV254 Portable Meter.


LabSense 1 Charge Analyzer

LabSense 1

Pi’s range of LabSense Laboratory Charge Analyzers are an essential coagulation optimization tool for water treatment. LabSense allows the user to determine the ideal coagulant dosage needed to achieve optimum NTU and TOC reduction in typically less than 5 minutes, earning it the description “5 minute jar tester”.

How does it work?

Based on streaming current technology, the LabSense titrates a sample of raw water to determine the dose of coagulant required to achieve charge neutralization. The LabSense, which has been shown to be an accurate approximation for coagulant dosage, is proving an invaluable tool for a Water Process Scientist with the responsibility to optimize coagulant dosage often on rapidly changing water sources where jar testing can just take too long.

For more details about Pi’s LabSense Laboratory Charge Analyzers, click here.


ChargeSense Charge Analyzer


Pi’s ChargeSense Laboratory Charge Analyzer is an essential tool for papermaking allowing fast determination of wet end charge demand.

How does it work?

ChargeSense measures the streaming current produced by colloidal/dissolved species in a sample taken from various points on the wet end of the papermaking process, and allows for a titration with a poly-electrolyte titrant to bring the sample’s charge to zero. The charge demand result is then expressed as either microequivalents per litre (µeq/L) or parts per million (ppm).

For more details about Pi’s ChargeSense Laboratory Charge Analyzer, click here.


UV254 Portable

UV254 Portable

UV254 Portable

With the UV254 Portable range of UV254 hand held meters you get a simple and reliable means of testing any water for UV transmittance (UVT) and UV absorbance (UVA). Used to provide quick (less than 1 min) information on site, the UV254 Portable provides an invaluable tool to water treatment engineers, essential for verifying an online analyzer reading or as an independent measurement.

How does it work?

The Pi UV254Sense Portable for the measurement of UV254 absorbance and UV254 transmission can provide testing in both units of UVT and UVA, and any of the meters can be equipped with our optional battery pack feature, allowing the meter to truly go anywhere, anytime.
The patented Split-Sensor technology also allows for the unique ability to remember the meter’s calibration, eliminating the need to calibrate (zero) the meter to a known pure (DI) water source before taking a measurement. This improves ease of use in the field for performing rapid grab sample testing of various water sources.

For more details about Pi’s UV254Sense range of analyzers, click here.

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