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How is fluoride dosed into drinking water? In some parts of the world (including the USA but not Canada), the local health authorities have determined that adding fluoride to drinking water provides sufficient health benefits (reduction in tooth decay) to justify the cost. In these plants the fluoride is added in solution to the water so that the final concentration is approximately 1 mg/L. This is done by using flow proportional dosing. In addition the final concentration is often monitored to validate the flow proportional dosing. The FluoriSense is perfect for this application. By simplifying the sample preparation process (by removing the TISAB used by other analyzers) Pi are able to reduce the cost significantly whilst still providing the accuracy required to validate flow proportional dosing. Please note that by removing the TISAB common in other analyzers the accuracy will be reduced.

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What is the FluoriSense Fluoride Monitor?

The FluoriSense is installed in multiple locations around the world and is providing stable and reliable and simple low-cost validation of fluoride dosing in drinking water.

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