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Measuring the chlorine content of bleach is difficult due to the aggressive nature of the fluid and is currently done by manual titration in a laboratory. The HypoSense allows the user to measure the chlorine content of industrial sodium hypochlorite (industrial bleach) online, continuously.

Why is it necessary to measure the chlorine content of bleach online and continuously? Surprisingly the chlorine content in bleach changes more than you might think. It degrades over time and is particularly affected by the level of impurities, the chlorine content when it was manufactured, and the temperature and UV level that it is kept at. Being able to measure the chlorine content online will provide for much better process control in those applications that use bleach as a reactant.

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What is the HypoSense Online Chlorine in Bleach analyzer?

The HypoSense has been designed to three criteria:

  • The Best Sensor Available – the HypoSense is an optical measurement where the amount that a certain wavelength is absorbed is directly proportional to the amount of chlorine in a sample.
  • The Best Control Possible – for processes that require knowledge of the chlorine level in bleach such as in the manufacture of monochloramine (MCA), being able to use the actual chlorine content of the hypochlorite solution allows for tighter and better process control.
  • Reduced Costs – knowing how much chlorine is in your hypochlorite means that overdosing is a thing of the past. If you are a manufacturer of bleach then you can manufacture to the right concentration and not overshoot. All of these benefits will save you money in your process.

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