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Queen's Award International trade 2021
Queen's Award innovation 2021

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Introducing Pi's revolutionary instrument controllers - CRIUS®4.0 and CRONOS®

Global supplier of water analyzer solutions

Process Instruments (UK) Ltd. or “Pi” has been a global supplier of high-quality water analyzer instrument and controller solutions since 1998. Operating in over fifty countries on six continents, with subsidiaries in Ireland and France, two master distributors in North America, company representatives in China and a new manufacturing facility in the UK, Pi is becoming increasingly prominent for its reputation in water quality control and data access and management innovation.

Pi focuses on working with partners and customers to deliver cutting edge measurement, control and remote access solutions. With sensor cleaning solutions, onboard data handling and process control algorithms, and remote cloud based access and data handling solutions, Pi’s customers are monitoring and controlling their water based processes, better and more efficiently than ever before.

Water 4.0 isn’t a future pipe dream at Pi, it’s a current reality with the launch of CRIUS®4.0, the world’s first MQTT enabled analyzer/controller.


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Control based on a measurement is only as good as the sensor and how clean it is kept.

Pi excels at sensor management to ensure that the measurement and therefore the process control is as good as it is possible to make it.

Industry 4.0 and Data Management

Providing real time data and instant access from any device, the Industry and Water 4.0 features built in as standard to Pi’s products are exemplified by “Insite”, Pi’s remote access and data management portals.

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