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Process Instruments (UK) Ltd. (Pi) is a global distributor of water analysis instrumentation solutions in operation since 1998. With offices, laboratory and new production facilities located in Burnley, UK, Pi is a firm increasingly known for its innovative character. The company has customers in more than 50 countries and on 6 continents.

Process Instruments (UK) Ltd. or “Pi” has been a global supplier of high-quality water analyzer instrument and controller solutions since 1998. Operating in over fifty countries on six continents, with subsidiaries in Ireland and France, two master distributors in North America, company representatives in China and a new manufacturing facility in the UK, Pi is becoming increasingly prominent for its reputation in water quality control and data access and management innovation.

Pi focuses on working with partners and customers to deliver cutting edge measurement, control and remote access solutions. With sensor cleaning solutions, onboard data handling and process control algorithms, and remote cloud based access and data handling solutions, Pi’s customers are monitoring and controlling their water based processes, better and more efficiently than ever before.

Water 4.0 isn’t a future pipe dream at Pi, it’s a current reality with the launch of CRIUS®4.0, the world’s first MQTT enabled analyzer/controller.

Queen’s Award for Business

Pi has been awarded two Queen’s Award for business, one for International Trade and the other for Innovation.

Crius Controller
State of The Art Instruments

Find out how Pi can help you and your business with our wide range of applications. From Pools to Paper, we’ve got you covered.

Food and drink

Food & Drink

Including: Chlorine Analyzers, Peracetic Acid Analyzers, Chlorine Dioxide Analyzers, Turbidity Meters, and more.

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Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial Water Treatment

Including: ClO2, Conductivity, Disinfectants, Hydrogen Peroxide, Multi-Parameter and pH.

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Municipal Drinking Water

Municipal Drinking Water

Including: Coagulation Controllers, Chlorine Analyzers, Ozone Analyzers, Online pH Meters, and more.

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Paper & Pulp

Paper & Pulp

Including: Charge Analyzers, Chlorine Dioxide Analyzers, Multi-Parameter Analyzers, Suspended Solids Monitors, and more.

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Including: Online pH Meters, Dissolved Oxygen Meters, Suspended Solids Meters, MLSS SAS RAS Meters, Turbidity Meters, and more.

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Pi is working with approximately 30 OEM organizations worldwide who take the CRIUS®4.0 and use it’s features to add value to their own product or service.

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Spas and Swimming Pools

Spa's & Pools

AutoPool and AutoPool 4.0 has now replaced AquaSense. Visit our Pools division company Process Pools for details

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We have one of the best customer reviews in the industry

What Our Customers Are Saying

We have one of the best customer reviews in the industry

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Got Any Questions?
1 Do you outsource or manufacture your own products?
We are proud to have our products manufatured in the UK within our manufacturing warehouse. Most of our components are locallay sourced where possible.
2 Do you offer any warrenty?
Yes we do, all our products have 12 months manufacturing warrenty (exclustions apply)
3 Do you have any representatives rest of the world?
Please go to change location at the top right and change the location to find more about our local representative
4 We are interested in private labeling, who do we contact?
Please email our head office sales team at
Featured News and Updates

We work with your company to identify position requirements, implement recruitment programs, and initiate employee assessments that maximize recruitment efforts

Online conductivity measurement at Fountain Foods – Wisbech

Following staff changes, Lester Gratton of Fountain Foods reached out to Pi to provide training…

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Is Pi Operationally Carbon Neutral?

We aren’t completely sure yet but we will be measuring our carbon usage over the…

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NIW Replaces Pi Residual Chlorine Analyser With Pi Residual Chlorine Analyser

In 2007 Northern Ireland Water ordered 333 residual chlorine analysers to monitor their distribution system,…

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