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Hydrogen Peroxide is used as a food-safe disinfectant in several industries including meat and vegetable washing. Often the suspended material (blood, fat, vegetable pieces) blocks any online sensors making the continuous monitoring and control of hydrogen peroxide almost impossible until now.

The range of accessories offered by Pi (including AutoFlush) makes the online monitoring of hydrogen peroxide finally achievable. Increasing regulation around hydrogen peroxide means that industries that use this food safe disinfectant are under pressure to tighten the variability of the concentration in their processes using CRIUS®4.0 PeroxiSense to monitor and control the hydrogen peroxide to a set point.

The CRIUS®4.0 PeroxiSense is also available with remote access and cloud based data reporting and compliance monitoring.

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What is the Online PeroxiSense Hydrogen Peroxide Analyzer?

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) degrades to oxygen and water and is a preferred disinfectant in some industries. Often applied at high pHs and in high concentration H2O2 has traditionally been difficult to measure and control. Recent technological advances have resulted in PeroxiSense which means that the successful online monitoring and control of hydrogen peroxide residuals is a reality, particularly in the United States food industry.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about PeroxiSense get in touch with one of our technical experts.

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