High Range Online Chlorine Dioxide (0-0.35%) – DioSense HR

How do you continuously measure high concentrations of Chlorine Dioxide solution online? Measuring a high level of ClO2 in solution is extremely difficult and has been traditionally done with expensive at-line optical instruments. The DioSense HR (0-3500 ppm) is an optical sensor measuring the absorbance of light at a particular frequency which is proportional to the amount of chlorine dioxide in the solution.

Why is it necessary to measure the chlorine dioxide content of water online and continuously? Chlorine dioxide generators often make chlorine dioxide solutions in several stages, starting with a high concentration and diluting to a lower concentration. Knowing the concentration of the higher concentration solution greatly improves the dilution process giving a much better controlled final ClO2 solution concentration.

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What is the DioSense HR ClO2 Sensor?

The DioSense HR has been designed to three criteria:

  • The Best Sensor Available – the DioSense HR is an optical measurement where the amount that a certain wavelength is absorbed is directly proportional to the amount of chlorine dioxide in a sample.
  • The Best Control Possible – for chlorine dioxide generators that use multiple stage dilution Process Instruments has a sensor to measure the ClO2 at each stage thereby allowing the next stage dilution to be more precise, accurate and reproducible.
  • Reduced Costs – knowing how much chlorine dioxide is in your solution means that over generating is a thing of the past. If you are a manufacturer of chlorine dioxide generators then you can manufacture to the right concentration and not overshoot. All of these benefits will save you money in your process.

To find out more about how DioSense HR can improve your process outcomes and save you money, get in touch with one of our technical experts today.


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