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Lots of our sensors and controllers are used by other organizations under Private Label/OEM agreements. These companies use our products under their own label. This enables them to benefit from our heavy investment in research and development and save large sums of money on their own R&D. We also offer support and maintenance contracts for these companies, saving them even more money and time on resolving potential issues. The cost of these agreements is low ($1000) with no minimum order number. Also if you need your CRIUS®4.0 to do something unique then we can write custom code for you as well.

Training and technical support is provided to our commercial customers who use our products under Private Labels, including on-site technical support as well as telephone support and technical training.

If you’re looking to use and distribute Pi’s water analyzers and instrument solutions then give us a call to see how we can greatly improve your business.

OEM and Private Label Customers


Pi is working with approximately 30 OEM organizations worldwide who take the CRIUS®4.0 and use it’s features to add value to their own product or service without incurring the development cost and time overhead of developing a new controller.

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