Part of our controller range, the CRONOS® is the less capable, and therefore less expensive, cousin of the CRIUS®4.0.

The CRONOS® is a top-quality, low-cost transmitter designed to arm water treatment engineers with everything that they need from a transmitter, without any unnecessary hardware or firmware. With no frills, costs can be kept minimal, whilst optional communications packages allows for Profibus, Modbus ASCII, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, 4-20mA analogue outputs, and relays for alarms and control.

As standard the CRONOS® comes with the same interface and firmware as the world-leading CRIUS®4.0, with all the same capability just reduced, so less I/O (up to 2 sensors) and a grayscale display.

Highest Quality – Low Cost – Superior Functionality

The CRONOS® is capable of controlling up to two sensors of any type with relevant analogue outputs and relays. With optional PID control, the CRONOS® is quite capable of controlling complex water treatment processes, all at a fractional cost of other controllers.

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CRONOS® is a perfect fit if you’re looking for a low cost, no frills controller for use with up to 2 sensors. If you require more sensors or remote access, the CRIUS®4.0 is the controller for you.
CRONOS® is restricted to 2 sensor inputs.
CRONOS® can have up to 2 analogue outputs and 8 relay outputs.
Not as standard, but this can be added for a fee. Datalogging is a standard feature of the CRIUS®4.0.

Not as standard, but this can be added for a fee. A color display is a standard feature of the CRIUS®4.0.


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