Chemical Feed Solutions

CRONOS® HaloSense at Fiji International

When Fiji International, a resort on North Island near Auckland, New Zealand, needed to control the residual chlorine level in their 600,000 liter reservoir, they turned to Chemical Feed Solutions.

Who are Chemical Feed Solutions?

Chemical Feed Solutions manage all of Process Instruments’ business in New Zealand and were the perfect partner to Fiji International to provide a system that recirculates the water in the reservoir and maintains a small free chlorine residual by measuring the chlorine using a Process Instruments CRONOS® HaloSense free chlorine monitor with PID control, that in turn controls a sodium hypochlorite dosing pump.

Chris Naidoo, of Chemical Feeds Solutions said of the project:

“It was a relatively simple solution made much simpler by Pi’s onboard PID control”.
For further information on the projects carried out using Process Instruments analyzers, please visit in New Zealand, or

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