Jonathan Cook of Pi and Nadthanakorn Kate-Singnoy of Contrologic on site at Capitol SkyMine in San Antonio, Texas, USA.)

Wet stack gas analysis is a little known speciality of Process Instruments and this led to a remarkable second installation in Texas in July 2015.

Pi Visit Capitol SkyMine

Jonathan Cook traveled to San Antonio in Texas to commission a Pi GS1 Wet Stack Gas Analyzer on a scrubber system installed at Capitol SkyMine.

The remarkable journey started two years ago when Contrologic from Thailand won a contract to supply to the Texan company. Having heard of Pi’s little known expertize in this area, Contrologic installed and Pi commissioned 2 Chlorine Wet Stack Gas Analyzers on the plant in July of 2015.

Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride, Hydrogen Fluoride and other acidic gases pose particular problems when being measured after a wet stack scrubber as they are extremely ‘sticky’ and corrosive.

Pi has developed expertize in this very specific method over 15 years and is occasionally called upon to solve particular problems as in this case.

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