INSTRUMENTATION experts Process Instruments has flushed away the problems of sensor fouling in the paper industry with a new autoflush system.

Paper mills face the problem of online instruments being plagued with fouling problems. This means having to deal with a build up of fibres, particles and chemical deposits on instrument sensors.

To ensure smooth running of mill processes all this build up must be removed, which wastes considerable time and resources on cleaning and maintenance.

Dealing With Fouling Problems in Paper Mills

Process Instruments has introduced an autoflush system to help sensors to stay clean without user interference. By flushing the sensor with fresh water at user defined intervals, the need for cleaning is greatly reduced and therefore overall productivity in the mill is increased.

Dr Craig Stracey of Process Instruments said: “We were constantly getting customers from paper mills telling us of the problems of sensor fouling and what a drain this was on their resources.

“With our extensive experience within the industry and working closely with customers we were able to develop an autoflush system to provide a solution to these problems and enhance our existing instrumentation within the paper industry. The autoflush system continues to provide a good service to the mills we have already installed the system in and we expect it to attract new customers with similar problems.”

The autoflush is suitable for use with any Process Instruments’ pH, ORP, Chlorine, Ozone or Chlorine Dioxide sensors and can be customised to deal with specific problems that any mill may be experiencing.

The innovative and flexible CRIUS electronics are featured within the system, which means if the autoflush needs maintaining or calibrating it can send an alarm text message or allow remote access via the internet and its GSM/GPRS modem.

Process Instruments, which operates globally, is based in Burnley and is dedicated to providing solutions to problems in the water, waste, chemical and paper industries. Clients include Georgia Pacific, St Regis, Rhodia, Bristol Water, Northumbrian Water, Urenco and Dow Chemicals.

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