PROCESS Instruments is leading the way in environmentally friendly initiatives for the water industry with its innovative chlorine analyser.

The water utilities, like all responsible businesses, are continually looking to reduce carbon emissions whilst making business initiatives more efficient and cost effective.

Developing an Eco Friendly Chlorine Analyzer

Process Instruments has developed a unique innovation to its chlorine analyser which provides the water utilities with an eco friendly alternative whilst saving time and money.

The CRIUS 3500 Chlorine Analyzer can run without any user intervention for six months at a time thanks to its self calibration module.

For water utilities that routinely send people to remote locations to calibrate chlorine analyzers, this development can save money, whilst reducing carbon footprint.

Mike Riding of Process Instruments said: “At Process Instruments, we take our environmental impact seriously and we are dedicated to helping the water utilities reduce its carbon footprint. Using the auto calibrator can save thousands of miles and hundreds of man-hours per year, as well as contributing to the global fight against climate change.

“The auto calibrating chlorine analyser has been trialled in a number of remote locations around the UK to great acclaim. It offers a cheaper option to a more traditional analyser whilst maintaining the highest quality measurement, essential for remote distribution monitoring applications.”

Another innovative feature of the CRIUS 3500 is the remote access capability via the internet, which allows water companies to remotely access the instrument to download datalogs or change alarm settings, which also saves unnecessary journeys.

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