Chlorine Sensor Tip

Chlorine Sensor Tip

LEADING water instrumentation company, Process Instruments, in partnership with Achromatic Water Ltd and ECPS Ltd, has been selected to supply one of the UK’s largest instrument orders on record to Northern Ireland Water.

Clinching the deal as it celebrates its 10th anniversary; Process Instruments was selected following a tough tender and rigorous equipment testing process. The company will supply 300 residual chlorine analyzers to Northern Ireland Water (NI Water), which provides water for 786,000 properties in the region.

Pi Chosen To Supply 300 Residual Chlorine Analyzers

NI Water issued a tender to replace its existing analyzers with a view to reducing the time taken to maintain chlorine analyzers while also decreasing the cost of consumables in its service reservoirs and water treatment works.

Process Instruments impressed the company with its pioneering product, the CL 2000 Residual Chlorine Analyzer. This instrument provides stability and extends the periods between maintenance. Additional features include remote access, which allows the user to receive a text or email when the equipment needs maintaining or calibrating and an automatic calibration module which removes the need to visit the instrument unnecessarily.

The CL 2000 automatic calibration also acts as a data collector, with the capability to gather information from other less sophisticated instruments on site.

Developed in collaboration with the University of Manchester, it is the world’s first auto-calibrating residual chlorine analyzer with remote communications.

Commenting on the contract, Mike Riding, Managing Director of Process Instruments said: “We are thrilled to have secured this deal with Northern Ireland Water. We were in competition with six other instrumentation companies from across the globe, but our pioneering products, expert knowledge and dedication to 100 per cent customer satisfaction has clearly shone through.

“This has been a great year for Process Instruments, with our 10th anniversary, numerous product launches and also completing our research into remote access. The NI Water contract is a tangible recognition of the company’s innovation and commitment to deliver world class products that enhance operational capabilities. The team at Process Instruments is looking forward to a successful 2009.”

Bob Rowntree from Northern Ireland Water added: “NI Water is striving to deliver a 21st century water and wastewater infrastructure. In order to achieve this goal we are using innovative technology which maximises the resources we have available and assists in the process of delivering a high quality end product to our customers. We look forward to working with Process Instruments.”

Process Instruments was recently awarded the 02 Award for Innovation through Technology at the North West Chartered Accountancy Awards for its innovative use of communication protocols. Thanks to the research it carried out with the University of Manchester, Process Instruments has also won a DTi SMART award, a DTi funded Grant for Research and Development (GRAND) from the NWDA and has been nominated for several more industry awards.

The company’s turnover doubled in 2008 and it was awarded the prestigious ISO 9001 accreditation. Process Instruments has plans to extend into new markets and recently launched a range of water analyzers for the pool and spa industry.

Process Instruments is based in Burnley, Lancashire and is dedicated to providing solutions in the water, wastewater and paper industry. Its clients include Georgia Pacific, St Regis, Rhodia, Bristol Water, Northumbrian Water, Urenco, Dow Chemicals and Behera Water in Egypt.

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