Nalco Carlsberg-2

Pasteurizer disinfection controller

Nalco engineers on site

Nalco engineers on site

Working together with its partner Nalco, a Pi pasteurization disinfection control system has been installed at Carlsberg site in Northampton, UK. The CRIUS® HaloSense controller provides continuous monitoring of disinfection for the bottle pasteurizer.

Pi Controllers Installed in Breweries Across The UK

Pi’s chlorination/bromination controllers for pasteurizer disinfection control are used in many brewery sites across the UK to monitor and control disinfection processes. The HaloSense analyzer is designed to measures free chlorine, total chlorine or total bromine in water. The sensors used in the HaloSense are insensitive to changes in pH, are extremely stable and have reduced maintenance costs.

Hot water with appropriate disinfectant (in this case bromine) is used to sterilize bottles. Pi offers sophisticated disinfection control monitors with on-board PID control, remote access options, AutoFlush self-cleaning system and more.

Pi pasteurizing disinfection control systems are available with bromine, chlorine, ozone, dioxide chlorine sensors depending on the requirements, one controller with multiple solutions.

For more information on Pi’s range of disinfection control monitors for pasteurization control in breweries go to or call us today.

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