Chlorine Dioxide controller

Chlorine dioxide controller

Cooling tower controller

Cooling tower controller

When updating their instrumentation recently Kerry Ingredients (Newmarket in County Cork, Ireland) chose four CRIUS® analyzers from Pi. The first is controlling the chlorine dioxide level in the water used for cleaning the pipework and vessels in the dairy. The instrument uses its on-board PID control to maintain a constant and stable chlorine dioxide level by increasing and decreasing the dosage rate depending on water usage.

The other three CRIUS® analyzers are controlling the cooling towers by managing conductivity and bromine levels and replacing the cooling water as necessary.

Tim Harte, who supplied the instruments to Kerry Ingredients commented:

“The CRIUS® controllers for chlorine dioxide, bromine, and conductivity are highly sophisticated controllers but are easy to set up and maintain. We’ve been really pleased with the on-board PID control and we would recommend it to everyone.”
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