continuous monitoring of the disinfection system

Pi’s continuous monitoring of the disinfection system

A beverage can manufacturer in Poland has chosen three Pi chlorination controllers for its continuous disinfection process.

Three CRIUS® chlorine/pH controllers for the continuous monitoring of the disinfection system were installed by Pi’s partner Suwserwis in The Ball Packaging Europe, in Poland in 2011. Since then the instruments have proven to be very reliable. Pi’s controllers were chosen over competitor colorimetric analyzer after a detailed study of the pros and cons of each.

Ball Packaging Europe produces aluminum cans for the EU and other markets. They wanted to measure free chlorine residuals in washers without the need for chemical buffers traditionally associated with such measurements. Many analyzers in the water industry require monthly routine maintenance which includes changing reagents and cleaning the colorimetric cell. These procedures are time consuming and have a high cost. Pi’s sensors on the other hand, are patented, gel filled sensors with an integral reference which uses no reagents; they are extremely stable, have reduced maintenance and reduced whole life costs.

Why Pi Made Sense for Ball Packaging Europe

Graph PolandTraditional chlorine sensors are very sensitive to pH changes, resulting in large measurement errors in changeable pH conditions. Pi’s advanced HaloSense chlorine sensor range has a reduced susceptibility to varying pH which leads to more accurate and reliable readings. With its on-board PID control the CRIUS® controller maintains a constant and stable chlorine level by increasing or decreasing the chlorine dosage rate via chlorine dosing pumps depending on the requirement. The screen shot of the CRIUS®, shows only small disturbances during the backwash of the filters and a fast return to the setpoint.

By working together with its partner Suwserwis, Pi’s controllers for continuous monitoring of disinfection system have been installed across different regions of Poland in various water treatment applications.

You can learn more about Pi’s selection of free and total chlorine sensors by visiting the product page or via brochures and technical notes in the download section.

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