Rugged Dissolved Oxygen Monitor

Dissolved Oxygen Monitor

The UK based instrumentation company Pi, is to launch another world’s first – the world’s first in-situ self-checking Dissolved Oxygen Meter.

Combining Pi’s award-winning electronics with In-Situ’s acclaimed RDO® sensor, Pi believes it has a world beating combination especially when you include the brand new self-checking functions included by Pi and In-Situ.

Self Cleaning

The sensor comes equipped with a self-cleaning mechanism (requires air or water), which also allows the instrument to check its calibration response (patent pending) without needing the Dissolved Oxygen probe to be removed from the aeration lane/oxidation ditch.

The In-Situ Rugged Dissolved Oxygen® sensor is based on luminescence and includes many improvements over existing light-based Dissolved Oxygen sensors including; typically 12 months between maintenance, typically 12 months between calibration, improved ruggedness of the lumiphore, improved resistance to abrasion, in-situ sensor verification and self-cleaning.

Mike Riding, Managing Director of Pi today said: “The key to good process control is good process instrumentation, and the key to good process instrumentation is to use the best sensors coupled with the best electronics… and that is what we have with the CRIUS 3200 Dissolved Oxygen Meter.”

“There is no such thing as a ‘fit and forget’ instrument, particularly in the harsh environment of an aeration lane or oxidation ditch, but this instrument is as close as it gets with typically 12 months between calibration and maintenance.”

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