Gustav Settervik (pictured left) and Jimmy Hägg with Pi’s installed Particle Counter

Gustav Settervik (pictured left) and Jimmy Hägg with Pi’s installed Particle Counter

Ringhals Nuclear Power station in Sweden is the most recent in a long list of power stations to benefit from Pi’s experience with particle counters.

Ringhals Nuclear Power Station Choose Pi Particle Counter

Gustav Settervik (pictured on the left) contacted Pi with a request for a particle counter to monitor particle levels in their reactor coolant system. After discussions about the application and system requirements Rob Paramore (a member of Pi’s technical sales department) was able to recommend Pi’s CRIUS® CounterSense, with 6 user selectable sizing ranges and ppb output. The ppb output allows the user to see the total particulate loading in addition to the particulate sizing features of the CounterSense.

Meeting the Data Logging Requirements

Data logging was also of high importance to the application so the on board data logging and expandable memory (via microSD slot) of the CRIUS® were of particular interest. The easy transfer of data onto computer (via the memory card) with no need for special software to be installed convinced Gustav that the CRIUS® CounterSense was the correct instrument for Ringhals Nuclear Power – “we got the right equipment thanks to your advise Rob” – Gustav Settervik.

The unit can be seen installed in the picture with Gustav (left) and Jimmy Hägg who installed the unit (right).

If you want to learn more about Pi’s range of particle counters or to discuss an application in detail, please visit our website or give us a call.

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