CRONOS OzoSense Ozone Analyzer

CRONOS® OzoSense Ozone Analyzer

Pi recently visited one of the biggest ozone generator manufacturer in the world Qingdao Guolin Industry Co., Ltd (Guolin) in Shandong, China.

Guolin was interested in how Pi’s CRONOS® OzoSense controller could be integrated to work with Guolin’s range of ozone generators for use in wastewater treatment plants. Guolin, the leading manufacturer in the Chinese ozone industry, has already purchased over 20 ozone controllers from Pi for wastewater treatment plants via Pi’s Chinese distributor Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd (Limpiom).

Jason of Shanghai Limpiom said:

“It was great to put Guolin and Pi in the same room. Pi is great at showing how their analyzers can add value to a customer offering to their customers. We are looking forward to welcoming Pi back to China soon.”

Guolin Install 20 Ozone Monitors from Pi

Ozone Analyzer

Ozone Sensor

Pi’s OzoSense ozone analyzer, designed for the measurement of ozone concentration in water, suffers no interference from other oxidants such as chlorine. What’s more, Pi’s ozone analyzer OzoSense is well suited to the monitoring of the residual or dissolved ozone concentration in water in both clean and harsh environments. Since ozone is one of the strongest oxidants currently available for the water treatment industry, Pi’s ozone analyzer offers ultimate flexibility, ease of use, and unsurpassed accuracy to allow the best possible dosing control.

If you want to learn more about Pi’s range of ozone analyzers for water or waste water or to discuss an application in detail, please visit our website or give us a call.

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