A NEW force has arrived in pool and spa maintenance, as water industry experts Process Instruments has joined pool and spa specialists AQS to produce a range of innovative products.

After research showed the poor quality of controllers available for the pool and spa industry, Process Instruments decided to develop instrumentation which uses the same high quality sensors as those used in the water industry.

Pool & Spa Industries Were In Need of Quality Instrumentation

The CRIUS 3600PS and the AQS A3000 are now being used to control disinfection systems ensuring bacteria is kept at a safe level in pools and spas. The instruments feature the same technology used to analyse and process water and waste water.

The products also include Process Instruments innovative GSM/GPRS based system, which means the instrument will text the user when it needs maintaining or if there is a problem.

AQS has over 15 years working within the pool and spa industry and offers total solutions for all leisure projects.

Managing director of AQS, Nick Chatburn said: “We’ve been involved in the pool industry for many years and we’ve seen lots of controllers with big claims, so I was sceptical at going into partnership with Process Instruments at first.

“Having trialled a few units and looked into the chemistry behind these sensors and tested the functionality of the texting alarms and remote internet access, I am enormously impressed. This is the best controller we’ve ever seen by a long way. I am so impressed that I’ve put the AQS name on it and am busy supplying it to our customers.”

Mike Riding of Process Instruments said: “When we approached AQS we were looking for a knowledgeable and capable partner and we’ve found exactly that in AQS. The company provides an excellent service to its customers which include some of the biggest names in the leisure industry.”

Process Instruments, which operates globally, is based in Burnley, Lancashire and is dedicated to providing solutions to problems in the water, waste, chemical and paper industries. Clients include Georgia Pacific, St Regis, Rhodia, Bristol Water, Northumbrian Water, Urenco and Dow Chemicals.

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