Dr. Jeff Prest

Dr. Jeff Prest

On completion of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between Lancaster University and Pi in June 2017, Pi was awarded a ‘Very Good’ grading in their final assessment.

Dr. Prest joined Pi as a KTP associate in April 2014, to work on a three year secret development of a new sensor to add to Pi’s acclaimed range of sensors for online water monitoring. During this time, Dr. Prest was employed by Lancaster University’s Chemistry Department but spent the majority of his working week at Pi.

The TurbSense® turbidity sensor, developed by Dr. Prest was officially launched in February 2017. Since the product launch and subsequent completion of the KTP, Dr. Prest has been permanently employed by Pi as part of the development team.

What is the KTP Scheme?

The KTP scheme is a government sponsored scheme bringing Industry and Academia together with a KTP associate employed by a university working on a project based in a company. The scheme provides a conduit for the transfer of knowledge. The transfer is often both ways and brings benefits to all parties.

When asked about his work at Pi, Dr. Prest commented:

“I’m very pleased with the final grading and feel that it is reflective of the hard work we all put in to develop the TurbSense®. It’s great that I can now continue to work with the team at Pi and I look forward to the same success with the new sensor I am developing. I would certainly recommend the KTP scheme to all three parties; the company, the university and the associate”.

For more information about Pi’s TurbSense® turbidity monitor, please click here. For information about Pi’s other products, please click here, or alternatively give us a call to discuss your application.

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