Inside layout of AirFlush

Inside layout of AirFlush, A – Power supply, B – Air receiver, C – Air pump, D – Valve, E – Control electronics, F – Power cable routing clips

Pi are constantly looking for ways to improve customer experience and the AirFlush for Dissolved Oxygen Meters does just that!

Online Dissolved Oxygen Meters generally require frequent maintenance to ensure that they are clean and that they respond to Dissolved Oxygen in the water. The OxySense from Pi can be equipped with an AutoClean/AutoVerify cap that provides the ability to self clean the sensor without manual intervention.

Eliminate Operator Intervention with AirFlush

The self-verification ensures that the sensor responds appropriately in the correct amount of time and eliminates unnecessary calibrations saving considerable amounts of time for operators and technicians. A sensor fitted with AutoClean and AutoVerify can go up to a year with no operator intervention at all.

Self cleaning and self-verification is performed at user determined intervals and consists of an air blast. Pi’s AirFlush eliminates the need for site compressed air as it is made up of a compressor and air reservoir. So if your plant does not have access to compressed air, the AirFlush from Pi provides the air blast (for cleaning) and the longer air feed (for self verification) required. Watch the video here.

For more information about AirFlush and Process Instruments DO Meters speak to a member of the team about your application on +44 01282 422835.

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