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Process Instruments (Pi) have formed a partnership with Yuyuna Engineering Supplies and Services (YESS) to distribute Pi’s products in the Philippines.

Having attended both the AsiaWater and Singapore Water exhibitions earlier this year, Sales Manager Hermie Yu was able to see first hand the Pi systems displayed by our Malaysian and Singaporean distributors.

Forming a Partnership with Yuyuna Engineering Supplies and Services (YESS)

Impressed by the quality and functionality of the Pi equipment, Hermie was keen to showcase our multi-parameter CRIUS® controller for monitoring pH, temperature and conductivity at exhibitions in the Philippines. YESS are now actively marketing our equipment to various industries, including municipal drinking water, wastewater and food and beverages.

Commenting on the Pi equipment, Hermie said:

“The Pi systems are fantastic quality and very robust. Because every order is custom built, there is so much flexibility about what signals it can take in and give out. It provides all the functionality we need, even for challenging applications.”

Julius Guth, Pi’s head office contact for the Philippines said:

“Pi is delighted to be working with YESS because of the unwavering commitment that they have shown in helping their customers. Based in Manila, but regularly travelling to other islands within the Philippines, YESS is determined to help customers improve their systems and processes, using the Pi equipment as one of their tools to achieve this.”

If you would like any information about Pi’s range of products and applications, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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