New Controllers

Pi’s new controllers

The latest controllers from Pi are now complete and available for purchase from your local distributor. Pi has been working on the new CRONOS® and Version 3 CRIUS® for nearly three years and they bring a new level of functionality, flexibility and affordability to the analyzer, controller market.

Controllers’ New Features

The two new controllers bring an extremely capable set of electronics to the water quality analyzer market introducing a number of new features including;

  • Mobile phone style intuitive navigation,
  • Proactive maintenance warnings on all sensors,
  • 20 individual security passwords with flexible permissions,
  • State of the art “group” datalogs for ease of export and analysis in a spreadsheet.

When asked what new feature he was most proud of, Pi’s Development Director Dr. Craig Stracey referred to the underlying code structure:

“The way we have written the code for this latest version of Pi’s analyzer family means that it is extremely robust, upgrades easily, is very intuitive to use and looks great!”
When asked how his customers were receiving it, Pi’s territory manager for the Far East Dr. Rob Paramore commented:

“They love it! It’s very easy to use for them and the operators, yet it has a whole bunch of really great features. The PID control is superb and there are some great features like the downloadable service file which is a human readable file with every setting on the analyzer recorded. It’s fabulous for help with service or setup issues and is great to have as a backup. They’ve been really well received.”
The new CRONOS® and CRIUS® have now been shipped all over the world and are fully equipped with extensive I/O, datalogging and PID controls. A world beating cloud based remote access completes the package. “Whatever you can do in front of the analyzer, you can do from the other side of the world – online!”

If you would like to learn more about Pi’s new controllers, visit our instruments controllers page. To download our CRONOS® and CRIUS® brochures, click here, or alternatively give us a call.

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