Coagulation Control

Pi’s coagulation control system at Midleton.

Coagulation control is essential for the production of safe drinking water and Irish Water and Cork County Council are investing in the latest technology at Midleton Water Treatment Works near Cork, Ireland.

Pi’s Setup at Irish Water

An automatic coagulation control system from Pi comprising of a central controller, UV254 monitor (for measuring the organics in the water), pH sensor (for raw water and coagulated water) and a Streaming Current monitor (to measure the charge post coagulation addition) all connect to a central controller with a simple and intuitive HMI (display and buttons).

From the controller the coagulation controller automatically uses one of the measurands to control a dosing pump that pumps more or less coagulant depending on the results from the measurement.

The controller allows the operator to easily and simply change the measure and on which the coagulant is based, so for example when the organics in the water are dominant it may use the UV254 measurement to control coagulant. When it rains and the nature of the raw water changes (for example the turbidity goes up) it may be more appropriate to change the coagulant control to be based on the raw water turbidity. Currently such changes would be done manually although in the future, as more information is available from the plant, the process can be automated.

Coagulation control systems in the past have either been based on a single measurand, making them unreliable when the raw water changes, or with multiple variables feeding into a complex algorithm, making them costly and unwieldy as they are difficult to understand and manage.

Pi’s solution is to have multiple single measurand control systems, all in the same analyzer, which can be selected based on raw water conditions, thereby maintaining the simplicity of single measurement systems whilst incorporating the ability to deal with changeable raw water.

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