Working with two of our partners in China, Anyuan and Shanghai Limpion, Pi has recently supplied Dissolved Oxygen Monitors and Suspended Solids Monitors to two new flagship projects in China.

Dissolved Oxygen and Suspended Solids Meters

China is busy constructing, and two of the flagship projects are; Shanghai Pudong International Airport phaseⅡand the construction of a second capital city Xiong’an New City.

For both of these projects the commissioners are looking for quality first and more than 30 analysers have been supplied to both of these projects.

Chen Jiang, Pi’s on-the-ground applications and technical support for Pi’s partners and customers in China said “These customers are looking for quality above all and some of the self-cleaning and autochecking features that Pi can offer give them that quality. As well as Dissolved Oxygen and Suspended Solids the systems supplied also have pH, ORP and Turbidity sensors.

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