CRIUS Instrument Controller

CRIUS® Instrument Controller

In 2007 Pi launched CRIUS® Version 1, in 2011 Pi launched CRIUS® Version 2 and in January 2016 Pi launched CRIUS® Version 3 and in 14 months Pi has shipped 1000 units.

CRIUS® Controller’s Capabilities

The CRIUS® is Pi’s flagship controller and boasts a number of capabilities including a range of communications options including: Profibus, Modbus TCP, Modbus RS485, Remote Access via Ethernet or GPRS modem. With datalogging and a full VGA color display as standard, the CRIUS® is everything a modern instruments controller should be.

When coupled with sensors for online pH, chlorine, turbidity, suspended solids, ozone, conductivity etc., the CRIUS® becomes a very capable analyzer. When one of the range of PID options is chosen, the CRIUS® then becomes a very powerful and capable controller expandable up to 16 sensors and 16 outputs with 32 relays, often meaning that a PLC isn’t needed at all!

For more information about Pi’s CRIUS® controller, please click here. For more information about Pi’s sensors, please click here. To discuss how Pi’s CRIUS® controller and sensors can enhance your application, please contact us.

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