Swimming Pool Controller - Owen J RobertsA swimming pool controller from Pi has been installed by Link Automation at Owen J Roberts Middle School, Pennsylvania.

CRIUS® AquaSense perfect for school swimming pools

The CRIUS® AquaSense at the school’s 25 yard competition pool monitors for

with displays for all of these as well as temperature. Using the 4-20mA output, they are also displaying the pH and chlorine levels on the pool deck, in real time on an external LED display.

The AquaSense controller is managing the High Capacity Feed (HCF) Chlorination System, and is maintaining within 0.02ppm and 0.01pH under almost all conditions using an eduction feed of both bleach and muriatic acid.

For more information about swimming pool controllers from Pi, please visit our website, or to discuss your application in detail, give us a ring today.

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