Balmore’s original Particle Counter, the PC2400D from Chemtrac

Balmore’s original Particle Counter, the PC2400D from Chemtrac

Process Instruments (UK) Ltd. (Pi) has just completed a particle counter upgrade with Scottish Water, headed by Pi’s Service Director Jonathan Cook.

Scottish Water renewing Pi particle counters after 20 years

In 2001, Pi sold a number of particle counters to Scottish Water for its then new Balmore Water Treatment Works. The original order was made up of PC2400D particle counters manufactured by Chemtrac Inc., of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and soon became indispensable in the running of the water works.

In 2019, Scottish Water decided on a rolling upgrade plan for their particle counters and from October 2019 to February 2021, all old particle counters have been replaced with the ParticleSense.

A separate screen was installed in the control room to show the particulate levels entering the works, the raw water, inter works (pre CCT) and for the treated water heading to the consumers. The screen shows the current ‘live’ particle counts and a 24 hour trend, giving the operators instant information on the water quality of the plant.

Jonathan Cook from Pi with the newly installed ParticleSense Particle Counter

Jonathan Cook from Pi with the newly installed ParticleSense Particle Counter

The particle counter uses an infra-red 780nm laser diode which has a life expectancy of 5-7 years. Pi have replaced the lasers in all units a couple of times over the years. Particle counters do require regular cleaning by operators as well as yearly calibration. Pi supported Scottish Water with training and supply of parts, as well as yearly visits to calibrate the particle counters.

Mr. Billy Gordon, senior water treatment operator at Balmore, said:

“These particle counters are a go to unit to ensure Scottish Water get the best performance from Balmore Water Treatment Works.”

Balmore Water Treatment Works is the largest treatment plant in Scotland and takes water from two sources, Loch Lomond and Loch Katrine via the 100 year old gravity fed aqueduct. This water is then distributed to customers across a large swathe of Glasgow and west central Scotland.

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