CRIUS OzoSense in China

Ozone monitor with three ozone sensors in Shanghai

Ozone dosing control is notoriously difficult to do successfully due to the short residence times and extremely low levels (sub ppm).

Shanghai Limpion Choose Ozone Monitors from Pi

Shanghai Limpion in China installed a multi-parameter ozone monitor from Process Instruments in March 2013 and since then have had nothing but praise for the online residual ozone meter.

Shanghai Limpion installed the ozone controller in June 2013 to provide PID control back to an ozone generator to maintain a steady low level in the process water ensuring effective disinfection.

After six months of trouble free operation Shanghai Limpion are pleased with their choice of analyzer, made by comparing the functionality (including the capability of up to six sensors with full PID and remote access), versus cost. Jason from Shanghai Limpion said:

“We are very happy with the ozone analyzer from Pi. The control is very good”.
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