Jeff KTP

Dr. Jeff Prest, KTP associate of Lancaster University and Pi

For many years a government sponsored scheme, the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) has been bringing Industry and Academia together with a KTP associate employed by a university working on a project based in a company.

Secret New Sensor Development

In April of 2014, Dr. Jeff Prest, recently of Manchester University, joined Pi as a KTP associate to work on a three year secret development of a new sensor to add to Pi’s acclaimed range of sensors for online water monitoring.

Whilst Dr. Prest is employed by Lancaster University’s newly formed Chemistry Department, he spends most of his working week at Pi where he is involved in the development of a new water monitoring sensor.

The KTP scheme successfully provides a conduit for the transfer of knowledge ostensibly from Lancaster University to Pi. The transfer is often both ways and brings benefits to all parties.

When asked about his work at Pi, Dr. Prest commented:

“I can’t tell you what I’m working on as it’s secret, but I can tell you that I am really enjoying the commercial imperatives in Pi and the academic rigour associated with Lancaster University. I would certainly recommend the KTP scheme to all three parties; the company, the university and the associate.”
When asked about the success of the KTP scheme, Pi’s Managing Director Mike Riding said:

“Of all the government schemes designed to help small high tech companies, I think that this one is the most successful providing access as it does to Universities. Pi is greatly benefiting from a great associate in Jeff and a great team at Lancaster headed by Professor Fielden.”
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