Pi’s CRONOS® pHSense has been installed in a caustic recovery plant in textile production in Pakistan by Pi’s partner Process Control Solutions.

Pi's CRONOS pHSense installed in Pakistan

Pi’s CRONOS® pHSense installed in Pakistan

How the CRONOS® helps Caustic Recovery in Textile Production

Mercerization is a complex process in the textile industry where the textile is treated with caustic soda. Large quantities of diluted caustic soda are considered as a waste product. The hot water that is extracted from diluted caustic soda is then saved for re-use in the process. Pi’s pH meter is used to control the pH level of this re-usable water. If the pH goes over a specified level, water will be drained and lost, however, if the pH is kept consistently below pH 8 the water will be re-used in the process. The water demand is a significant component of the total operating costs of the textile plant. In order to keep tight control of pH, the customer chose to install Pi’s pHSense thereby increasing the amount of re-usable water, and leading to significant savings on water and electricity costs across the plant.

Pi is proud to introduce the benefits of their advanced pH technology to one of the Pakistan’s biggest industries – the textile industry – and is looking forward to working together on new projects with Process Control Solutions in Pakistan.

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