Pi's CRIUS Controller with pH and Conductivity Sensors installed in France

Pi’s CRIUS® Controller with pH and Conductivity Sensors installed in France

Pi’s CRIUS® pHSense with conductivity sensor has been installed in France by Pi’s partner Kaliteo for use in an industrial boiler system for a coffee machine manufacturer.

The pH sensor is used to keep the pH level under control while Pi’s conductivity sensor is used to improve the efficiency and reduce the ongoing maintenance costs of the boilers across the site by monitoring the concentration of total dissolved solids (TDS) within the boiler.

How CRIUS® Improves Boiler Efficiency and Costs

Dissolved solids in the water contribute to the conductivity of that water. A standard multiplier is used to convert conductivity to TDS. Pi systems allow the user to change the multiplication factor from standard to allow more accurate TDS values. Pi’s CRIUS® controller periodically ‘blows down’ the boilers (replaces some of the water with fresh water), based on conductivity levels, to reduce the level of dissolved solids and to remove sludge from the bottom of the boiler in order to extend the life of the boiler system.

Pi offers a variety of conductivity probes for high temperature applications such as boilers. The new stainless steel conductivity sensors can work in temperatures up to 200°C and sensors with hygienic fittings are also available. Pi’s conductivity sensors can be combined with any of our controllers offering ultimate flexibility. For more information or technical specifications give us a call today. To get more information about Pi’s products visit our website.

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