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Pi’s CRIUS® Conductivity Meter installed in Turkey

Pi’s CRIUS® ConductiSense has been installed in Turkey by Pi’s partner Thermomed for use in the country’s oldest nuclear facility, in Ankara.

TAEK (Turkish Atomic Energy Authority) chose Pi’s ConductiSense for use in its TR-2 research reactor, which is the only active reactor in Turkey.

TAEK Choose Pi’s ConductiSense

Pi’s Conductivity Meter was chosen as TAEK wanted to monitor conductivity values with immersion type probes at 3 different levels in a water tank; the surface level where regeneration water is pumped, the middle level at 3 meters, and the bottom level of the pool at approximately 10 meters. In discussion with Pi’s partner in Turkey, Thermomed, TAEK chose Pi’s multi-parameter CRIUS® analyzer with its on board data logging and communication options.

TAEK had previously been measuring conductivity as a kOhm unit with older devices. With the CRIUS® ConductiSense, they are now able to measure conductivity in µS/cm. The CRIUS® was installed with Modbus over Ethernet connectivity to TAEK’s control room, providing detailed information from the analyzer.

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