Particle Counter – ParticleSenseYou probably know that Particle Counters are really expensive, complex to run, give out too much information and have to be sent-off for re-calibration? NO LONGER! Particle Counter technology has come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years! Did you know that…

…the price per point can often be even lower than turbidity?
…calibration of a particle counter can now be done easily on site and by the customers?
…a particle counter can now give a single ‘ppb’ output (as well as size and count information)?

CounterSense, FilterSense and ParticleSense

Working closely with Chemtrac Inc. one of the worlds leading particle counter sensor manufacturers, Pi has developed a stunning range of Particle Counters for the online measurement of particles in water.

Filter Optimization

Nearly every filter used in portable water treatment has a turbidity meter monitoring the outlet. Turbidity is a great tool for measuring the cloudiness of the water but it is only telling you half the story!
Particle Counter – CounterSense

Process optimization using a Particle Counter

Filters are typically backwashed based on time and pressure differential.

Each time a filter is backwashed it involves significant cost, both financial and environmental. When filters start to break down they pass larger particles first and these are not seen by turbidity meters. Using a particle counter to control the backwashing of filter could lead to significant cost saving and better water leaving the plant.

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