CRONOS Controller

High Quality – Low Cost

Part of a range of controllers, the CRONOS is the little brother of the CRIUS® and the CRATOS. The CRONOS is a high quality, low cost transmitter designed to give water treatment engineers everything that they need from a transmitter and nothing that they don’t. With no frills, costs can be kept to a minimum while optional comms packages allow Profibus, Modbus ASCII, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP and others.

CRONOS is equipped with the capability to control up to three sensors of any type with appropriate analogue outputs and relays. Equipped with optional PID control, CRONOS is very able to control complex water treatment processes at a fraction of the cost of other controllers.

CRONOS plus Sensor equals…

  • Free Chlorine Analyzer (HaloSense)
  • Total Chlorine Monitor (HaloSense)
  • Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer (DioSense)
  • Ozone Monitor (OzoSense)
  • Dissolved Oxygen Meter (OxySense)
  • Suspended Solids Monitor (SoliSense®)
  • Turbidity Meter (SoliSense®)
  • pH Analyzer (pHSense)
  • ORP Analyzer (ORPSense)
  • External inputs
  • Choose from Standard Configurations or ‘Build Your Own’
Customers requiring additional functionality such as datalogging, on-screen graphical reporting, or remote access via the internet should consider CRIUS® or CRATOS controllers.

The CRONOS is a universal controller capable of outputting a PID control algorithm via an analogue (4-20mA) signal or a pulse width modulator relay (to control for example, an on/off pump). With the latest in communication options the CRONOS is capable of running Profibus, Modbus or TCP/IP via Ethernet.

The CRONOS can also come in a multitude of languages making it suitable for use in any market.

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