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  • Gabry Ostuni and Michael Zhang during a training

Chinese Swimming Pools, the most crowded in the World, to benefit from Pi’s pool controller

Pi is pleased to welcome a new partner from China’s swimming pool industry. Pi’s high quality swimming pool controller ‘AquaSense’ has been chosen by Shanghai Poolice Water Treatment Technology Co., […]

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Online Particle Counters for the Indian Power Industry

Pi was pleased to welcome its new partner from India, a specialist in the power industry who will be mainly dealing with online Particle Counter analysers for steam cycle corrosion […]

  • Municipal water treatment plant in Romania

Dissolved Oxygen Monitor success in Romania from Pi

Pi’s visit to Romanian distributor, Katalin Noshe, in September turned out to be a great success with two projects already underway. Working together with Pi’s Romanian partner Katalin Noshe, online […]

Chlorine analyzer and controller with remote access.Residual Chlorine in Distribution Monitoring, multipoint monitoring in small water treatment plants, for Chlorine, pH and Turbidity.

The HaloSense range of monitors are used in many applications requiring the measurement and control of online residual chlorine levels. The HaloSense analyzers are suitable for chlorine monitoring or control applications in potable water, seawater, process water, swimming pool water, waste water, etc.

A range of residual chlorine analyzers using the HaloSense range means that you get exactly what you need and nothing that you don’t. From a low cost no-frills chlorine dosing controller (CRONOS) to a color touch screen, remote access controller (CRIUS) – and all with the same great sensors! The CRATOS HaloSense Analyser is now available with up to 12 sensor inputs, reducing the cost per point. Chlorine dosing control is now simpler and cheaper than ever!

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Zero maintenance DO Monitor.Dissolved Oxygen for zero maintenance, Suspended Solids monitoring for plant effluent, pH correction on plant effluent.

AquaSense Pool Controller offering 3 month payback.Swimming Pool Controllers for 3 month payback. For Municipal and Commercial pools.

Municipal swimming Pools and Spas use chlorine as a disinfectant and so use a pool controller to control the amount of chlorine that gets dosed. The AquaSense Swimming Pool Controller and Spa Controller measure the pool chlorine levels and the pH of the pool and then control the chlorine and pH levels by controlling the chemical dosing. The AquaSense advanced pool controllers offer bufferless and reagentless operation and are suitable for commercial, municipal and community swimming pools.

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Total Chlorine Analyzer and Controller for wet end monitoring.Total Chlorine Analyzer – Continuous Monitoring at the Wet End.

…including pH, residual chlorine, ORP, Ozone, Chlorine Dioxide, Dissolved Oxygen and Turbidity measurements without sacrificing the quality of those measurement.

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Biofilm Monitor for minimizing legionella risk in cooling towers.Chlorine Analyzer for Seawater Chlorination control. Biofilm Monitoring for Minimization of Legionella risk in Cooling Towers.

Online Continuous Chlorine Analyzer and Controller for chlorination/bromination control.Online Bromine analyzer, continuous Chlorination/Bromination control for bottle plant pasteurization.