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  • Bintech Systems

Bintech take Pi’s new controller to the Water Industry Operators Association of Australia (WIOA) Conference

Last year, Pi’s Australian partner Bintech attended the WIOA’s 78th Victorian Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibition held in Bendigo, Victoria, and showed off Pi’s new controller as part of […]

  • New CRIUS mounted on backboard

Swimming Pool Controllers from Pi now available in the USA

Swimming Pool Controllers (AquaSense) from Pi have been chosen by Link Automation to be offered to their existing and new customers.

Link Automation, based in New Jersey, have now installed more […]

  • CRONOS HaloSense

Public Utilities Board Singapore start using Pi’s Free Chlorine Analyzer

Chlorine Analyzers from Pi have been supplied to Singapore’s Public Utilities Board (PUB) by AI Analytical.

The Singapore Government run PUB purchased two CRONOS® HaloSense free chlorine analyzers for use on […]

Chlorine analyzer and controller with remote access.Applications such as Chlorine Analyzer Distribution Monitoring or Multipoint Monitoring in Small Water Treatment Plants. Including analyzers and controllers, pH, residual chlorine, ozone, chlorine dioxide, chlorite, ORP, turbidity, suspended solids, particle counters, coagulation control and streaming current analyzers.

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Zero maintenance DO Monitor.Applications such as Zero Maintenance Dissolved Oxygen and pH Correction on Plant Effluent.

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Swimming Pool ControllerApplications involving municipal and commercial swimming pools such as Swimming Pool Controllers offering 3 Month Payback.

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Biofilm Monitor for minimizing legionella risk in cooling towers.Applications such as Seawater Chlorination Control using Chlorine Analyzers.

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Online Continuous Chlorine Analyzer and Controller for chlorination/bromination control.Applications such as Continuous Chlorination/Bromination Control for Bottle Plant Pasteurization using an Online Bromine Analyzer.

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