UV254 Analyser – UV254Sense Probe

The UV254Sense Probe offers a method for measuring the levels of organic compounds in water by analyzing its ultra-violet absorbance (UVA) and transmission (UVT). This device operates by continuously flowing water through a specified gap in the probe, allowing a UV254 wavelength light to pass through. It then measures the amount of light that is absorbed (indicative of UVA) and the amount that passes through (indicative of UVT).

Technological advancements in spectral analysis within the ultraviolet light spectrum have enhanced the accuracy of real-time monitoring for organic compounds in water. The UV254 analyzer, which includes capabilities for both UV transmittance and UV absorbance measurements, works by quantifying the light absorbed at a 254nm wavelength. This absorption rate is an effective metric for estimating the concentration of aromatically organic matter in water, which is useful for assessing potential disinfection byproduct (DBP) formation. Manufacturers like Pi have developed UV254 analyzers that not only assess total organic carbon (TOC) levels but are also efficient in detecting natural organic matter (NOM), common across all water sources. This is particularly relevant for understanding DBP formation risks, given the analyzers’ sensitivity to aromatic organic compounds.

The UV254Sense Probe by Pi operates using a 254nm wavelength UV LED light source. This light is directed through a water sample via a sapphire window and detected on the opposite side by a photodiode detector. The difference in the intensity of light emitted and the light received indicates the water’s UVA absorption and UVT transmission rates. This relationship is quantified according to Beer-Lambert’s law.

Cost of Ownership

The UV254Sense Probe UV254 analyser has a relatively low cost for calibration and maintenance due to its lack of reagents and moving parts. Maintenance primarily involves routine cleaning and occasional recalibration using either DI or RO water. An automatic cleaning system can further reduce maintenance efforts, thereby lowering the overall cost. When considering both the acquisition and operational costs, the total cost of ownership for the UV254Sense Probe is lower than many other UV254 measuring instruments.

Key Benefits
  • UVA (ultra-violet absorbance) serves as a reliable indicator for TOC, DOC, COD, and color measurements.
  • UVT (ultra-violet transmission) assists in determining the necessary UV dosage for disinfection systems to enhance their operational efficiency.
  • Enables accurate monitoring without requiring additional reagents, offering a cost-effective solution.
  • Facilitates improved coagulation control, helping to reduce chemical usage, lower sludge disposal costs, and decrease the likelihood of DBP (Disinfection By-Product) formation.
  • UVA measurements aid in verifying the effectiveness of certain contaminant removal processes, including membrane filtration (RO, NF, UF), ion exchange systems (for nitrates and TOC), and granular activated carbon (GAC) treatments.
  • Compatible with CRONOS® or CRIUS®4.0, allowing for integration into a versatile UV254 analysis system tailored to specific requirements.
Standard Features
  • Operates continuously online
  • Utilizes a UV light source at a wavelength of 254nm
  • Shows values for UV transmittance or absorbance
  • UVT (Ultra-violet Transmission) – Mainly used for controlling the intensity of UV light in UV disinfection processes.
  • UVA (Ultra-violet Absorbance) – Applied for enhancing water treatment processes by adjusting coagulant doses or as an alternative measure for parameters such as TOC or COD.
  • Process Control – Involves the direct measurement of parameters to regulate processes like coagulation, UV disinfection, and membranes.
  • Specific Parameter Correlation – Employed to estimate values for parameters that are challenging or costly to measure directly, like TOC, BOD, and COD.
  • Event Monitoring – Tracks baseline absorbance to alert to changes indicative of potential contamination in municipal settings.
  • Industrial Water and Wastewater Secondary and Effluent Monitoring – Assesses treatment efficiency post-secondary treatment and assists in managing tertiary treatment.

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