Pool Controller and Spa Controller – AquaSense

Do you want stable chemical control and an odor free bathing environment for the users of your pools and spas? If so the AquaSense from Pi addresses and resolves the issues that plague swimming pools and spas, such as; overdosing of chlorine leading to odors and excessive chemical usage, poor pH control leading to sore eyes and complaints, and periods of low or zero chlorine residuals leading to bacteriological failures and problems with the local health authorities.

AquaSense uses the highest quality sensors and the latest in control algorithms to ensure that the chlorine levels stay where you want them to be, no silly spikes and troughs which means that you have a trouble-free pool or spa.

The AquaSense has been designed to three criteria:

  • The Best Chemical Control – the best sensors leads to better process control which leads to less variation in chlorine residuals, (even with highly variable bathing load), reduced chemical usage, and lower costs.
  • The Best Bather Experience – better process control means less variation in chlorine residuals, meaning you get reduced chemical usage, lower costs and the best possible bathing experience.
  • Reduced Costs – lower chemical costs, less expensive controllers, inverter control leading to hugely reduced electrical usage costs. These are just a few of the ways that the AquaSense can save you money which can pay for a new controller in just a few months!

The AquaSense offers a number of key benefits essential to the safe and cost effective running of a pool or spa.

  • Stable and reliable residual chlorine and pH measurement and control – no chlorine odors and no red-eye!
  • Low total cost of ownership (and reduced maintenance)
  • Text/email alarms, and cloud based compliance monitoring
  • Recirculation pump inverter control for massive electricity and CO2 savings
  • Good for fresh water pools, salt water and outdoor pools with cyanuric acid
  • Private label option for re-sellers
  • Additional sensors if you need them; total chlorine, turbidity, particle counter, conductivity etc.

The AquaSense is a high quality controller giving you the best control and the best value for money. For more technical information contact us today.

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