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DAF coagulation control systemPi’s DAF coagulation control system is an integrated controller that accepts multiple inputs from multiple sensors including inlet solids pH, and flow. From these measured parameters, the DAFSense outputs a flow proportional coagulation control signal that can go to a coagulant and flocculant dosing pump.

Each system needs to be designed and specified for each water treatment plant and that is a service offered by Pi.

Prior to changing existing controls, it may be beneficial to install and monitor how well an existing coagulation controller is working by installing a coagulation analyser, that can monitor and record the performance of the existing coagulant control system be it manual or automatic.

Coagulation Analyser SiteOther DAF coagulation control systems are  PLC or industrial  PC based; they are complex, extremely expensive and have rarely been described as ‘robust’ or ‘reliable’. Pi’s DAFSense coagulation controller  is instrument based (stand alone) and fully configurable to manage variations between sites or variations within sites. It’s sensors are robust and well proven into integrated sensors. Outlet suspended solides – The signal from the oulet suspended solids is used to modify the proportionality of the feed forward control from the flow and the inlet solids meter. This means that the control can be used to control the coagulant dose to meet a desired set point.

Streaming Current Analyser installed in Cork County, Ireland.Many waste treatment plants still use manual control for coagulant dosing. While the influent water quality is steady this is an effective method to set a coagulant dose, however when the DAF inlet water quality changes then manual control of the coagulant dose breaks down, particularly when plants are unmanned overnight or over the weekend.

For many plants it is possible to automate coagulant control such that a combination of flow influent  and effluent solids. streaming current monitor can effectively increase and decrease the dose of coagulant automatically in response to changing water quality. 

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