Total Alkalinity Analyzer - AlkaSense®

Measuring total alkalinity online offers several advantages over periodic offline measurements, for example facilitating more consistent control of conditions in cooling towers to remain within the ideal range for the Langelier Saturation Index

DAF Coagulation Controller & Dosing System - DAFSense

Pi’s DAF coagulation control system is an integrated controller that accepts multiple inputs from multiple sensors including inlet solids pH, and flow

Pool and Spa Controller – AquaSense

The AquaSense Swimming Pool Controller and Spa Controller measures the pool chlorine levels and the pH of the pool and then controls the chlorine and pH levels

Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer – DioSense

Online, continuous Chlorine Dioxide Analyzers and Controllers make up the DioSense range

Charge Analyzer – ChargeSense

Pi’s Charge Analyzer for the determination of charge demand at the wet end of a paper machine accurately measures colloidal and ionic charges

Coagulation Controller – CoagSense

Pi’s CoagSense coagulation controller is an integrated controller that accepts multiple inputs, including pH, flow, temperature, UV254, turbidity and streaming current

Chlorine Analyzer – HaloSense

Chlorine analyzers from Pi are used in many applications requiring the measurement and control of online residual chlorine levels in water

High Range Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer – DioSense HR

Measuring a high level of ClO2 in solution is extremely difficult. The DioSense HR (0-3500 ppm) can help with those applications

Conductivity Meter – ConductiSense

The ConductiSense range of online conductivity meters from Pi utilize the very latest and best conductivity sensors available

ORP Monitor – ORPSense

The ORPSense range of ORP Meters from Pi utilize the very latest and best ORP sensors available in the world today

Chlorine in Sodium Hypochlorite Monitor – HypoSense

The HypoSense allows the user to measure the chlorine content of industrial sodium hypochlorite (industrial bleach) online, continuously

Fluoride Monitor – FluoriSense

Pi’s FluoriSense range of fluoride monitors and fluoride analyzers utilize the very latest and best fluoride sensors available in the world today

Dissolved Oxygen Monitor – OxySense

The OxySense DO analyzer range of online DO analyzers utilizes the very latest and best optical sensor available in the world today

pH Meter – pHSense

The pHSense range of online pH meters from Pi utilize the very latest and best pH sensors available in the world today for measuring the online pH of any aqueous solution

Laboratory Charge Analyzer – LabSense

Pi’s range of Laboratory Charge Analyzers accurately measure colloidal and ionic charge using the streaming current principle (electrokinetic charge), which is comparable to zeta potential

Turbidity Meter – TurbSense®

Online turbidity using ISO 7027 patented technology, extremely simple to calibrate just once a year! Self-cleaning means that the optics don’t get fouled and a range of flow cells mean this sensor is suitable for any application in the 0-1000 NTU range

Suspended Solids Monitor – SoliSense®

Whatever level of suspended solids from 2 NTU all the way up to >8% solids, the SoliSense® is the solution

Hydrogen Peroxide Analyzer – PeroxiSense

The PeroxiSense range which utilizes the very latest and best hydrogen peroxide sensors available in the world today

Automatic Sensor Cleaning System

Pi were approached in 2008 by a customer who was having to change their pH sensor every week at massive cost. In response Pi developed the AutoFlush

UV254 Analyzer – UV254Sense

The UV254Sense UVA/UVT monitor provides real time organic UVA (ultra-violet absorbance) and UVT (ultra-violet transmission) analysis

Streaming Current Monitor – StreamerSense

Streaming Current Monitors and Streaming Current Detectors from Pi use streaming current measurement to maintain proper electrokinetic charge