When washing herbs Ardo decided to use peracetic acid as their disinfection chemical of choice. Widely used throughout the food industry peracetic acid is safe to use and extremely effective.

Controlling the dosing is not always easy or successful, so when faced with choosing a controller, Ardo chose Pi PeraSense. The PeraSense, in conjunction with the CRIUS® 4.0 controller, controls the dosing of the peracetic acid via the onboard extremely capable PID, and a 4-20mA output to a pump. If faced with sensors fouling due to material blocking flow cells, Pi also has a solution in the Autoflush, and remote access means that should you need support from Pi’s service team, they might not need to come to site!

On visiting the customer recently to help with the setup of the analysers, Pi’s lead engineer Wes Ashworth said “One of the best bits of my job is that I get to see exactly how and where our customers are using Pi analysers, and this is a great application for CRIUS® 4.0 PeraSense”

If you would like to find out more about Pi and its products, please visit: https://www.processinstruments.net/

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