Dŵr Cymru recently purchased a coagulation controller (CoagSense) from Pi. Prior to use, Pi’s lead service engineer, Wesley Ashworth, visited Dŵr Cymru’s Tyn-y-waun water treatment works in Treherbert. The purpose of Wesley’s visit was to commission the CoagSense, and to train staff at the water treatment works on the CoagSense system. The training provided by Pi covered all bases, with a particular focus on pH and SCM (Streaming Current Monitoring). Alongside offering quality products to purchase, Pi offers on-site commissioning and training for each of their products.

The CoagSense from Pi is an integrated controller that doses a coagulant. It accepts inputs from multiple parameters including pH, UV, temperature, flow, turbidity, and streaming current. Coagulation dose is controlled and monitored by the CoagSense outputting a flow proportional control signal. Pi’s CoagSense includes options to add Modbus comms, remote access over LAN, and direct coagulant pump control if it is required.

Dŵr Cymru chose to add Modbus to their CoagSense, allowing other parameters alongside pH and SCM, to be integrated into the CoagSense. Overall, it was a successful service visit for both Pi and Dŵr Cymru!

If you would like to learn more about Pi and its products, please visit: https://www.processinstruments.net/contact-us

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